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1. 99999999-5k Subscriber Celebration Live Stream-x-h6rYU0Vmo.mp4 613.48MB

2. 20160409-Day trip in Seoul - South Korea with Samsung s6 video. Overcame my fear!--7Y9dAMUXc0.mp4 598.62MB

3. 20190127-Live Q&A with my Sister-O76lflPJDl8-FULL.mp4 568.88MB

4. 20160410-Vlogging on Samsung s6 in south korea trip - Air Pollution is bad today!-pccIyR9WUVk.mp4 422.34MB

5. 20190310-im bored-l0j6DEvy3S0.mp4 366.22MB

6. 20160416-Amazing 3d printing cameras! Sony wx500 Korea VLOG-lVxI4w8TsTQ.mp4 355.15MB

7. 20160825-LEAVING TAIWAN FOREVER-nw68WtQzMoA.mp4 315.62MB

8. 20160419-Another exciting day in Korea... Sony wx500 vlog video-MfSda7BdR5c.mp4 315.37MB

9. 20160406-FIRST time on a Penny Board!-qqXze-5N3uA.mp4 305.46MB

10. 20190312-just got back from the funeral-DumooreHzas.mp4 305.33MB

11. 20160828-The Journey Ends...-QwSlkwEOQu8.mp4 284.77MB

12. 20160415-Saw the moon! - Korea trip Sony wx500 VLOG-h2xZWiji1KA.mp4 283.11MB

13. 20160417-Too many people -( sony wx500 vlog - Korea trip-kh8nU0I1OJ4.mp4 281.01MB

14. 20160327-Sony wx500 1 day of usage - my thoughts-4Od2J7C2ymU.mp4 277.03MB

15. 20160515-Thai festival Yoyogi park - Japan Vlog day 2-L1Noh1dwsFw.mp4 272.55MB

16. 20160414-Rice burger in Korea trip! - Samsung s6 Korea VLOG-frXyp4rKxKY.mp4 271.16MB

17. 20190213-My wife is leaving me-59r35KB5RJM.mp4 247.61MB

18. 20190306-quick stream and maybe wheetabix for breakfast-Czkzu4VDbE8.mp4 246.20MB

19. 20160122-Exchanging japanese yen currency-xWcIotQiNxs.mp4 239.24MB

20. 20160402-How to Bokeh effect on sony wx500!-q_vVUxXutFU.mp4 235.22MB

21. 20160428-How to grocery shop in korea supermarket - samsung s6 vlog-cBnhjiBJttI.mp4 225.80MB

22. 20160507-Amazing fireworks in Korea Vlog - sony wx500 vlog-8hN1XDCuE-k.mp4 203.48MB

23. 20151022-UNBOXING ASUS windows laptop transformer flipbook!-d6CVseDJBj8.mp4 199.63MB

24. 20160816-Japanese high school simulator-6V9I_vHA0J0.mp4 163.72MB

25. 20160501-Visiting parks in korea VLOG - Sony wx500-iy6ANOOIJ5o.mp4 159.00MB

26. 20160429-Eating fried chicken in korea vlog - samsung s6 vlog-xdSa06NgS64.mp4 157.85MB

27. 20160413-best noodles, ramen ever - samsung s6 Korea VLOG-gALaKyMRUn8.mp4 156.17MB

28. 20160731-Going to school in Taiwan vlog samsung s6 video-q5d1He27glM.mp4 144.69MB

29. 20160106-having social anxiety--norszjhNeg.mp4 142.01MB

30. 20151026-Fixing bugs in my game on xcode 7 macbook air-RY4Sy0wW6eA.mp4 128.75MB

31. 20160411-How to Sony WX500 menu options guide-6UW72b1p6Yo.mp4 127.98MB

32. 20170518-My Gay Experience With A Japanese Guy-M4PdbuE-m44.mp4 127.33MB

33. 20170917-STOP SENDING MY GIRLFRIEND DICKPICS!-m46Mts3deRQ.mp4 126.11MB

34. 20160605-Odaiba Japan Gundam statue Samsung s6 Vlog-M2AA8rFFiy0.mp4 125.16MB

35. 20160203-Sony a5100 unboxing and video tests-KrFnkg7D9q4.mp4 124.49MB

36. 20181216-doxing and reddit-rSfAoqjFxGU.mp4 118.88MB

37. 20160809-Amazing PewDiePie impression-oqoEEoL4w_A.mp4 116.49MB

38. 20180623-I ejaculated in 5 seconds-ph5b2dc0759633f.mp4 106.77MB

39. 20160610-touching women in Japan - chikan-2lsUBodfPX8.mp4 106.72MB

40. 20160729-leaving japan forever,...-Pl8n2wBeh90.mp4 104.90MB

41. 20160202-Amazon next day delivery fail-dcTUdl-O_KE.mp4 103.93MB

42. 20190302-life update and breakfast-BwhrpjYRByM-3.mp4 103.53MB

43. 20160730-Taiwan travel vlog day 3 going to the mountains!-eYNFvqc1MLo.mp4 102.27MB

44. 20190227-How to get laid-W-ztxnjiJi0.mp4 100.73MB

45. 99999999-Thinking about paying for sex-VMDOZNpp8X8.mp4 91.93MB

46. 99999999-5 tips for travelling to Japan for the first time-gr4cderLdvo.mp4 91.83MB

47. 99999999-Day trip in Seoul - South Korea with Samsung s6 video - Overcame my fear!-6K85eVKj5io.mp4 91.45MB

48. 99999999-Trying Indian food for the first time!.mp4 86.15MB

49. 20151020-Creating space invaders game on XCODE 7 macbook air-xKuOtWjOCaA.mp4 84.12MB

50. 20160216-Sony 35mm 1.8 OSS lens unboxing and video test-IGOH4L1tivk.mp4 83.21MB

51. 20160803-MISSED MY PLANE!-EsYAlhVKD88.mp4 82.89MB

52. 20171001-Do I regret coming to Japan? Life in Japan update #2-rfuv-dIrYWQ.mp4 81.43MB

53. 99999999-I have a question for you - LG G5 vlog.mp4 80.76MB

54. 20160716-The search for happiness.-DgGTnr-fDog.mp4 80.45MB

55. 20160223-Trying Indian food for the first time!-V9IfeouwCyk.mp4 74.35MB

56. 20151027-My iOS game on xcode on macbook air - development update-X5cF7uRkQtg.mp4 70.91MB

57. 20160211-sony 50mm f1.8 video test--eyUohocQR8.mp4 67.75MB

58. 20160216-Sony 35mm 1.8 low light video testing on Sony a5100-_tOXNGH9QAU.mp4 67.36MB

59. 20160729-First day in Taiwan - samsung s6 vlog in taiwan-kXJoroDU6EY.mp4 66.73MB

60. 20151018-Why does Pewdiepie have so many subscribers-vvdF9MfsH-o.mp4 66.07MB

61. 20151111-i hate pug dogs they are so ugly-uk5fl2o3Flk.mp4 65.99MB

62. 20170924-Hot Japanese girl tried to take advantage of me today - Japan vlog #2-pbF2XCfRnk8.mp4 65.66MB

63. 20190222-Breakfast with Daniel-TsitvEoQXZE-3.mp4 64.54MB

64. 20151109-adding sounds to buttons on xcode making a game on macbook pro!-YzP-J_t3Vnc.mp4 63.86MB

65. 20160806-Pokemon Go in Taiwan!-rrFnqXbY2m8.mp4 63.44MB

66. 99999999-I have a new girlfriend-kqHmlQ12rYs.mp4 61.95MB

67. 20190222-Breakfast with Daniel-TsitvEoQXZE-1.mp4 60.81MB

68. 20160204-Sony a5100 as a Vlogging Camera-oKLvmNpc_bY.mp4 59.04MB

69. 99999999-I hooked up with an American girl yesterday-2WsnPxrHIQQ.mp4 56.86MB

70. 20160406-Sony DSC-WX500 30x optical zoom video test-keXUv-p342U.mp4 53.83MB

71. 20151219-iPad pro hearthstone gameplay getting destroyed-8jAohEc50PI.mp4 52.92MB

72. 20170605-my coworker is a twat-i7u8pSrGOK0.mp4 49.69MB

73. 99999999-I love the smell of ass.mp4 47.08MB

74. 20151103-How to make a pause and resume button for NSTimer in xcode 7!-mgTNC3mbnK0.mp4 44.37MB

75. 20170916-How R hapas affected me mentally - part 2 of the evolution of my YouTube channel-U6Y1FpfmLo4.mp4 41.19MB

76. 99999999-Bowling - Taiwan Sony WX500 Vlog.mp4 39.23MB

77. 20170720-2nd week of unemployment-Kw8JdbhmSLQ.mp4 38.70MB

78. 20151023-20 Random facts about STAR WARS! Old Ben Kenobi hate star wars!-wv1lgfnXGuo.mp4 38.64MB

79. 20170104-5 things I liked about South Korea-Vh3gGP2EN_Q.mp4 37.51MB

80. 20151028-How to make money from webcomics on the internet!-w2bbemYRuek.mp4 37.49MB

81. 20170612-I got DOXED-8pRwPWz7cYo.mp4 36.55MB

82. 20170920-HelloTalk banned me-6_mc4DUfhVk.mp4 36.46MB

83. 20170413-Flying to japan for love-y3s8nWn194A.mp4 36.43MB

84. 20160420-Evening Stroll - Sony WX500 low light video in Korea-VXMfWbTke84.mp4 36.04MB

85. 20160615-I hate seafood-L3l-SnMn-sk.mp4 35.56MB

86. 20151219-regret buying sony 16mm f2.8 lens-G8aCSpD6Iao.mp4 35.14MB

87. 20190222-Breakfast with Daniel-TsitvEoQXZE-4.mp4 33.79MB

88. 20170903-A Japanese woman used me to learn English-nlDI61RQGfU.mp4 33.50MB

89. 99999999-Daniel's parents get into argument.mp4 32.77MB

90. 20190222-Breakfast with Daniel-TsitvEoQXZE-2.mp4 31.63MB

91. 20170525-I don't have the guts to break up with my girlfriend-oyhj8P7C40M.mp4 28.61MB

92. 20151206-How to make a jumping platformer game on xcode 7! - part 1-eCADta9EWqQ.mp4 26.98MB

93. 20170130-I got a girlfriend!-pDV9NdrLwBI.mp4 26.73MB

94. 99999999-Addicted to world of Warcraft during family holiday-nZfQgSiH978.mp4 26.09MB

95. 20170706-Chlamydia update - 3 years of pain-GcidEyozhRI.mp4 25.95MB

96. 20151109-How to make a button play a sound in XCODE 7!-1sd6LFLKpCI.mp4 25.73MB

97. 20151105-How to disable and enable a button in Xcode 7 macbook pro-S9hn2JurrpU.mp4 24.94MB

98. 20160701-Japan's radiation problem - They lied to us.-rTUiczzggsE.mp4 23.70MB

99. 20160623-eating guts japanese restaurant - 外国人のホルモン焼き初体験-HDdMZTXUHUo.mp4 23.69MB

100. 20170712-Some prank called my work--BEdTsvoZgc.mp4 23.66MB

101. 20170519-Are my videos fake-iQXsL8X24oI.mp4 23.51MB

102. 20151025-Adding zombies to my shooting game on xcode 7 on macbook air 2015!-pi_RyHGo_PA.mp4 23.40MB

103. 20170618-I broke up with my girlfriend-a_tSQvLICWE.mp4 23.15MB

104. 20151207-making a platformer game in xcode - part 2 movement-y5EPkWFxqDU.mp4 22.81MB

105. 20170217-All my ex girlfriends were ugly-nlDI61RQGfU.mp4 21.53MB

106. 20151011-I Made a game!!! creating flappy bird game on xcode 7 on macbook air-F8_oH2eu70o.mp4 21.14MB

107. 20190302-life update and breakfast-BwhrpjYRByM-1.mp4 18.90MB

108. 20151205-My new game on xcode 7 macbook pro-w6l6k7GKaAU.mp4 17.65MB

109. 20160824-1 minute Japanese lesson - 死ぬ-5AMrHxw0hXQ.mp4 17.00MB

110. 20160505-Canon 750d vs canon 600d - which should you buy-6DCwslDbLwo.mp4 13.66MB

111. 20151013-An Introvert's daily struggle - Answering the door-XxW9UCJfft0.mp4 11.75MB

112. 20151115-making a jumping game in xcode macbook pro-aGpkaDfhjAs.mp4 11.55MB

113. 20150706-Lonely guy animation-fCo971qrUng.mp4 11.30MB

114. 20151112-My zombie game i made on Xcode 7 for iOS app store made on macbook pro!-TEQwB8lHENk.mp4 10.43MB

115. 20160516-Just had an earthquake in japan!-IKeVCtIoUfg.mp4 8.67MB

116. 20160504-Matthew Santoro Plagiarism Exposed!-him4_Vt7Few.mp4 8.47MB

117. 20160613-Desperate for friends-0TWjNpSG6gg.mp4 8.44MB

118. 20190302-life update and breakfast-BwhrpjYRByM-2.mp4 6.73MB

119. 20160708-What is Pokemon Go Android samsung s6 thoughts-ARzlYkpf8eo.mp4 6.30MB

120. 20160502-American words vs British words - My top 5 funny sounding pronunciations-lfYuGHjypUU.mp4 5.12MB

121. list_jp2.zip 5.01MB

122. 99999999-How I feel when going to social events - iPad Pro 12 9 drawing time lapse-IUMdvJsRLYY.mp4 3.25MB

123. 20151101-my game on xcode on macbook pro preview-f8EjPl7jCXY.mp4 3.11MB

124. 20160127-funny cat face-9GwELF4yOzU.mp4 812.71KB



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